I am very much a tree hut girl when it comes to my body scrubs but this right here?…in combo with the body soap? I don’t think I can look back! This scrub by itself is incredible and the scent is beautiful. I literally do not need to put on any lotions, creams or oil once I step out the shower and my skin feels amazing. However, I did top it off with the Hey Parker body oil. Heaven sent combo!! Don’t ever stop making this!!

Aloe + White Sage As Gentle Shea Sugar Scrub

I have always had troubles with blemishes, pimples, large pores, etc. on my face. Let me add that in more recent years, I regularly get facials/microdermabrasion, etc. For years, I used Cosmetic Store Brand products that were not all natural. I had been wanting to try this set out for a while, however it seemed to always be sold out. Luckily, I finally was able to order it and after using for about a week now, I have definitely seen a difference in my face. My skin is tighter, brighter and overall just looks healthier. I just recently turned 46 years old and I can tell you that my complexion has probably never looked better. THANK YOU!

Turmeric Complexion Skincare Kit

I'm a hard critic! I repeat I'm a hard critic! lol Never in my skincare life have I experienced the results this product gives! My face is cleansed, smooth, and moisturized. I didn't experience dryness or tightness. I seen a difference in my skin immediately. Amazing! I am so glad I waited and didn't give up purchasing this, because it's usually sold out! The compliments on my skin's appearance are ongoing. I will definitely continue to purchase skincare products from this company!

Turmeric Complexion Mask

This moisturizer is literally the Bomb no pun intended lol. But this for sure will have your skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. Use it after you wash your face with one of their cleanser and your face will most definitely be glowing and smooth for days... I stumbled onto their page one day and have been hooked ever since... a customer for life!!

Natural Glow Serum Daily Moisturizer

Love, Love, Love!!! My face and body is very smooth and soft since using the soap. It lathers up perfectly. I love the fact that it’s organic. I don’t have that dry feeling after taking a shower. I bought many more of Bomb’D Aesthetics products and love them all. I’ve definitely been recommending them to friends and family. Now I have to purchase products for my daughter and husband so they can stop sneaking and using my products as if I’m not aware of it. Lol

Pure African Black Soap

Let me start by saying that I am NOT one to switch up my facial routine! I've been rose water toner devotee for years and I was dubious about trying a new brand, but damn if this isn't the best toner I've EVER used! My skin looks better than ever, and you can really feel it working its magic. Ready to buy this in bulk so I don't run out!

Vitamin C Complexion Toner

The Turmeric Complexion bar has worked wonders for my skin! I keep two bars in my house at all times and use it as my every day face wash. It keeps my skin clear and glowing. @Bombdaesthetics is the best cruelty-free, holistic skincare brand I’ve ever used. My skin is very sensitive and nothing burns or causes rashes like other products I’ve used. The turmeric complexion bar is my favorite.

Turmeric Milk Complexion Shea Soap

I ordered this product when it first made its appearance on the website. I figured it had to be just as heavenly as the soaps, moisturizers and scrubs etc. And, as no surprise, my boyfriend LOVED it. He said it’s not too greasy, it smells so pure, and it is the longest lasting lip balm he’s ever had. It does not leave that weird white greasy line that some thick balls leave in any creases of your mouth. And it does not add an odd flavor to your lips when kissing your mate or eating a meal. Absolutely lovely, a little goes a long way considering the tin comes in a tin the size of your pinky. I’m telling you, if your considering the purchase, go ahead and buy it.

Eboné Elise
Sweet As Kisses Vegan Lip Balm